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Self-Build Zone can help make your self build dream a reality

Anyone planning to build a home for themselves needs to take out certain insurances and in most cases also a structural warranty.

Site insurance is fundamental - this will protect your site against fire, theft, vandalism, flood, storm and accidental damage.

A structural warranty is also important. It provides cover for you or a subsequent purchaser in the event of a defect caused by the design, workmanship, materials or components.

Self Build Zone offers several different site insurance options to protect your project during the build process, including flexible short term extendable policies as well as the traditional two year policy. Our 10 Year Structural Warranty is approved by Banks and Building Societies.

As a Partner of NaCSBA, we offer:

  • a discount of 5% on the insurance premiums (excluding Insurance Premium Tax)

This could save you around £75 on a typical self-build project.

To apply:

Surveyor Link provides consultancy Technical Auditing and Surveying services for warranty products. Surveyor Link also provides extensive consultancy services to self builders on the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Surveyor Link can offer you:
• A 5% discount on any Code Consultancy fees which will typically save £75-£125 (depending on the level of Code you are aiming to achieve)

To get further info or to apply:


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