NaCSBA is pleased to announce that it is working with six industry partners on a new research and development project funded by Innovate UK called 'Digitising Custom Build'.

The project sets out to develop digital methods and tools that will help custom builders better manage the planning and design, customisation and sales, on-site construction and handover stages of new custom build homes. Whether for individual plots or large-scale developments, the aim of the project is to create an excellent customer journey which helps inform homebuyer choice and supports their continued involvement throughout the process.

The project is led by online participation software provider Stickyworld along with HTA, Axis Design Architects, Facit Homes, Commusoft, and Slider Studio.

NaCSBA will support the project dissemination with a series of events and access to test the tools and help shape final project outputs. 

For more information on Digitising Custom Build, click here