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Latest Press Releases

11 May 2018 - RTB Task Force announces work with London Older Lesbian Cohousing and Community Led Housing London

20 April 2018 - NaCSBA announces National Custom and Self Build Week, 7-13 May

12 March 2018 - RTB Task force and Teignbridge DC pilot long-term assessment tool for Custom and Self Build

6 March 2018 - NaCSBA responds to the draft revised NPPF

1 March 2018 - RTB Task force shares best practice on Self Build policy with Dutch Government

1 February 2018 - RTB Task force announces work with Fareham for plots at Welborne Garden Village

30 November 2017 - 33,000 people sign up to the Right To Build Registers 


Older press releases

22 November 2017 - NaCSBA responds to the Autumn Budget

17 August 2017 - NaCSBA's Task Force Announces Deputy Ambassadors

06 May 2017 - Self Build on a Shoestring 2017

28 February 2017 - NaCSBA's Task Force announces first organisation to receive support

10 February 2017 - NaCSBA Task Force Launch

10 October 2016 - Self Build on Shoestring Shortlist announced