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NaCSBA's website, The Self Build Portal, holds an immense amount of information detailed in various reports and downloads.

These include the majority of our reports tailored for Government, council housing/housing associations, local authority planning teams, small builders and developers, and of course individual self builders.

Notable publications include 'An Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing' - analysis undertaken by us confirmed, in this document, that there are some important challenges holding back the growth of the self build housing sector; and, 'A progress report to Government on the implementation of the Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing' - on request by the Minister for Housing and Local Government, we detailed everything that had been done in this document, intended as the formal progress report to the Minister.

Visit the Technical downloads page on The Self Build Portal to access the multitude of information available. All the downloads are FREE, but you will need to sign up as a registered user.

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