Corporate 'Gold' Partnership


Show us your full support!

The best way you can support the growth and expansion of the self build industry is by becoming a NaCSBA Corporate 'Gold' Partner.

Your support will help us continue to lobby central and local Government; it will help us provide better information to would-be custom/self builders and build up our 'best practice' information, so that we are able to guide future generations of custom/self builders about the most efficient way to build their homes.


In return NaCSBA has developed a number of very tangible benefits that will help our Partners grow their businesses. These include:

  • We will send you details of everyone that registers* on our sister website – The Self Build Portal (provided they are happy to be approached by businesses active in the sector). The site typically gets thousands of visitors every week.
  • You will be listed on The Self Build Portal's Partners page.
  • Your logo will appear on every one of our members' newsletters.

*Most of those that register are would-be custom/self builders looking to buy products or services for their future project. Data suggests that those who have registered: are in the detailed preparation stages of getting their projects under way; are typically holding budgets of £1-200k each, though many have budgets of over £500k; want to get their project underway in the next two years; are looking for land mainly in the south east/west of the UK. CLICK HERE for sample data.


To become a NaCSBA Corporate 'Gold' Partner costs:

  • £2,100 [plus VAT] for ONE YEAR.
  • £5,250 [plus VAT] for THREE YEARS.

By becoming a Corporate 'Gold' Partner, just think of all those 'leads' you will get and the extra orders you should bring in as the sector grows - you should quickly recover this investment.

To find out more, and to secure your Corporate 'Gold' Partnership, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange a beneficial time to meet with you and explain exactly how Corporate 'Gold' Partnership works. And we are happy to explore any ideas you have that will help us grow the sector. However, if you don't feel you can support us as a full Corporate 'Gold' Partner you can still join NaCSBA - with many other levels of membership available.

NaCSBA is currently a modest organisation with only one part-time member of staff. However, we are keen to grow and build our resources so that we can represent the industry even better in the future.